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Category Number   Description
  21-462 Accept Donation of Pattison Property
  21-460 Governing Body Meetings & Public Notice
  21-452 Designating Kachina Vista Park
  21-447 Support watershed designation
  21-420 Amended 20-420 Resolution
  20-420 Meetings & Public Notices
  20-419 Meetings & Public Notices
  20-414 Election 3-3-20
  20-410 Records Retention policy
  20-403 Designation location of polling place
  19-380 Confirming The Continuation Of Municipal Elections To Be Conducted
  19-379 Concerning Governing Body Meetings & Public Notice Required.
  19-364 Adopting The Enchanted Circle Trails Plan
  18-351 Regular Municipal Election On March 6, 2018
  18-350 Concerning Governing Bocy Meetings & Public Notice Required
  21-465 BAR Small equipment expense to apartments
  21-464 BAR adjustment to water
  21-463 BAR Transfer funds fy2021
  21-459 BAR Booster station
  21-457 Approval of FY2020 Final Audit
  21-456 BAR Purchase, Disposing Obsolete Equipment
  21-455 BAR NM outdoor recreation grant
  21-451 BAR to carry forward Lodgers Tax
  21-450 [BAR to Accept CARES funding
  21-445 Approval FY2021 Final Budget
  21-443 BAR adjusting Environmental
  21-441 BAR WWTP adjustment
  21-440 BAR pay off WWTP temporary bonds
  21-438 BAR for Water Depreciation
  21-437 Amended Budget Adjustment
  20-436 BAR for Vlg Apartments
  20-432 Budget adjust 2020 NMTRD
  20-424 BAR Increase Lodger\’s tax fund
  20-423 BAR Transportation project agreement
  20-422 BAR transfer from Hold Harmless GRT
  20-421 BAR Increase transfer to Kachina water tank
  20-416 BAR adjustment FY 2019-20
  20-412 BAR Booster pump – Kachina tank
  20-411 BAR FY2020 Roads – TB & EB
  20-407 BAR FY2020 Police complex driveway
  20-406 BAR FY2020 GF upgrades to VTSV complex
  20-405 BAR adjust. FY2020 Parks & Rec
  20-401 Adopting FY2020 Final Budget
  19-399 Permanent budget adjust FY2019
  19-383 Requesting Permanent Budget Adjustmet Request To Add Collection
  19-382 Approve Permanent Budget Adjustment To 2019 Addition Of New
  19-381 Requesting Permanent Budget Adjustment To Invest Cd Interst Earned
  19-375 Requesting Permanent Budget Adjustment To Fy2019 Funds From Road
  19-369 Approve A Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy 2019 Capital Purchase Of
  19-368 Requesting A Permanent Internal Budget Adjustment To The Fy 2018
  19-367 Requesting Approval Of The Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget
  19-362 Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy2019 Reinvest Back To Cd Investment
  19-361 Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy 2018 The Cd That Matured In June &
  19-360 Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy 2018 Land Purchase & Swap Eb Rd
  19-359 Permanent Budger Adjustment Fy2018 Increased Engineering Expenses
  18-356 Permanent Budget Adjustment To Acknowledge Bond Porceeds
  18-355 Requesting A Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy 2018 Budget For An
  18-354 Requesting A Permanent Budget Adjustment Fy2018 Sewer Fund (42)
  18-353 Requesting Permanent Budget Adjustment To Update Debt Service
  18-349 Permanent Budget Adjustment To Adjust The Beginning Fund Balance
  18-348 Permanent Budget Adjustment To Cover The Bond Proceeds Wwtp
  21-449 Establishing a Capital Improvements Committee
  21-446 Adopt ICIP
  20-404 Adopting 2021-2025 ICIP
  19-378 Approving Vtsv 2019 Legislative Capital Improvement Priority Request
  19-370 Adopting 2020-2024 Infrastructure & Capital Improvements Plan
  21-461 Approving Legislative Improvements request
  21-458 Grant Agreement for Capital Appropriations
  21-454 Coop Agreement with NMDOT
  21-453 Extension to NMDOT road program
  21-448 Separate reserves KCEC underground electric
  21-444 Approval 4th Quarter FY2019-2020
  21-442 Contract for Twining Road Improvement evaluation
  21-439 Contract foe excavation work in FY 2021
  20-435 Failed
  20-431 Update reserve fund for WWTP
  20-430 Approve change of fund 07 to 77-50200
  20-427 FY2020-2021 Road Program
  20-426 Acceptance & approval of FY2019 Audit
  20-425 Building Permit fee schedules
  20-418 Capital Improvements (ICIP) request
  20-417 Disposal DPS eagle radar units
  20-415 Agreement NMDOT & local gov road fund
  20-413 NMDOT Assistance FY2020
  20-408 Financial assistance NM water trust board
  20-402 Approve Disposal of WWTP propane tank
  20-400 Approve 4th Quarter 2018-2019 Financial report
  19-376 To Approve Disposal By Donation Of Capital Equipment Consisting
  19-374 Approval Of Disposition Of Capital Assets Three Military Vehicles
  19-373 Approval Of Disposition Of Non Capital Assets At Tml
  19-366 Approve 4Th Quarter Fy 2017-2018 Financial Report Fy June 30, 2018
  19-363 Approving Financial Asst. From Nmsh & Trans Fy 2019 Rd Proj Sp-5-19
  18-357 Approval Of Disposition Of Assets Aquired By Vtsv Upon Purchasing
  20-429 Update personnel policy
  20-433 Rename fire ems departments
  20-428 Amended COVID Emergency
  20-409 409 Enforcement parking, traffic on roads
  19-377 Adopting Taos County Nm Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitgation Plan
  19-372 Property At 20 Zaps Rd Unsafe Structures
  18-352 Efforts To Increase Safety Of Vehicle Entering & Leaving Village Nmdo