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DOGS AND CATS General Rules

  1. Running at Large Generally: It shall be unlawful for any keeper of a dog or cat to permit such animal to run at large in any part of the Village limits except on his own premises or unless such dog or cat is in the direct control of such keeper. The keeper of any dog or cat which runs at large shall be liable for any and all damage which it may cause to the person or property of another.
  2. Certain Dogs or Cats Running at Large Declared Public Nuisance: Every fierce, dangerous or vicious dog or cat, or bitch in estrus (heat), when running at large, is hereby declared to be a public nuisance. The Animal Control Officer may confine any such dog or cat or if necessary, destroy such dog or cat at once.
  3. Confinement During Estrus: Any female dog or cat in the state of estrus (heat) shall be confined to a building or other secure enclosure so that contact with a male animal of the same species will be prevented except for intentional breeding purposes. Keepers who do not comply with this section may be required to place such animal in a boarding kennel or veterinary hospital at the keepers expense.
  4. Vicious Animal: It is unlawful for any person to keep or harbor any animal known to be vicious and liable to attack and injure human beings unless such animal is securely kept so as to prevent injury to any person. It is unlawful to keep any un-vaccinated animal or any animal which has shown any symptoms of rabies.


Vaccination, Certificates & Licenses

The rabies tag and Village license shall be affixed to a dog or cat at all times except when the dog is being kept in an approved kennel, veterinary hospital or training class. The rabies certification of all dogs or cats shall be retained by the owner and shall be available for inspection by any person charged with enforcement of this chapter.

Limit on Number of Animals

  1. No person, group of persons, or business entity in a commercial or residential zone may own, keep or harbor more than three (3) dogs or cats, or any combination thereof, which are three months of age or older, without obtaining a variance from the requirements of this Ordinance from the Village, paying the administrative fee.
  2. Persons may apply for a variance by filing an application with the Village and posting a notice of such application, which notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the applicant’s property. For approval, the Village Clerk shall put the application for variance on the next regular monthly meeting of the Village Council.

Fines and Fees

A minimum fine shall be imposed for the first time offense of:







Dog or Cat at Large:




Barking or Howling Dog:


Cruelty to Animals:


Harboring a Vicious Animal:


Interference with an Animal Control Officer in Performance of Duties:


Keeping Exotic or Wild Animals



3. In addition to any fines established for each penalty pursuant to this ordinance, there shall be assessed all applicable costs.

4. Licensing Fees:

Unaltered Male


Unaltered Female


Altered Male


Altered Female


Duplicate Tag



Taos County Animal Control

Animal Control Officer
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Central Dispatch: (575) 758-3361

New Mexico Fish And Wildlife
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