Free parking is provided year round throughout the base area of the Village. Armadillo, Bear, Gila Monster, Eagle, and Deer Parking Lots are all serviced by a free TSV, Inc. shuttle.

Shuttle service is only provided during the winter months (November – April) in order to facilitate the movement of TSV, Inc. guests.

In summer months (April – November), free parking is provided for Hikers along the Twining Campground for Bull of the Woods Trailhead Access, and there is free parking in the Williams Lake Trail Head Parking Lot located before the Kachina Zone along Kachina Road.

Parking on the roads is prohibited in the Village during ski season. This allows snow removal crews to more efficiently clear the roads. Cars impeding snow removal may be ticketed and towed. If you think your car has been towed, please call the Village Public Safety Department at 575-776-2815 or Taos Central Dispatch at 575-758-3361.