2022 Non-Federal Lands Grant Application Period is Closed. 

The Village of Taos Ski Valley was recently awarded $348,000 by New Mexico State Forestry a Non-Federal Lands Grant to fund wildland interface mitigation on Village properties and privately owned land. Execution of this award will contribute to the overall vision for forest and watershed health and safety in Taos County, the Enchanted Circle and Taos Pueblo.

In the 2016 CWPP, the Village self-identified as a high-risk community. Unfortunately, this was not only due to the proximity to National Forest Lands that have not had low intensity fires for many decades, but also the risk to the forest that comes with residential development. Removing the financial burden of mitigation activities from landowners will hopefully effect reduction of both risks by encouraging enthusiastic participation by many Village landowners. While we seek the best outcome for individual Village landowners perhaps an even more important outcome would be also creating of the Village a defensible zone where a catastrophic fire’s advancement could be subdued.

Through the collaborative effort of the Village and landowners, we hope to reduce the overall fire risk of our community. Please download a copy of the NFL Grant Landowner Application here.

Completed applications can be sent to PO BOX 100, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525 or dropped off at 7 Firehouse Road, Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525.

*Please note that if you are sending your application and supporting documents via FedEx or UPS, use the physical address on Firehouse RD listed above. If you are using the Postal Service to mail in your application, mail to the PO Box.

Steps of the NFL Grant Process for Private Landowners

  1. Fill out Application for Funding and gather supporting documentation.
  2. Mail in documents or bring them to the Village Office.
  3. The Village will conduct assessments of properties that fill out an application.
  4. The NFL Board will evaluate property applications.
  5. Property owners that filled out an application will receive correspondence on property assessments, contractor information, and a landowner agreement.
  6. Property owner works with contractor to develop a work plan.
  7. Work plan and landowner agreement will be sent back to the Village.
  8. Approval/Denial of work plans will be completed by the NFL Board.
  9. Once approved, contractor can start work.
  10. The Village and NFL Board will make final evaluation, complete documentation, and handle all money.


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