Sustainability Initiative

The Village of Taos Ski Valley has an opportunity to become a model example of a sustainable community development. A sustainable community is one that is economically, environmentally, and socially resilient and healthy. It meets challenges through integrated solutions rather than fragmented approaches that meet some goals at the expense of others. More importantly, it takes a long-term perspective – one that’s focused on both the present and the future, well beyond the next budget or election cycle. As a result, a sustainable community manages its human (social), natural (environmental), cultural (social), and financial (economic) resources to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are equitably available for future generations. Sustainable development and community well-being evolves out of a balanced relationship between environmental, social, and economic resources and values. Our sustainability program for the Village of Taos Ski Valley needs to consider the following:

Renewable Energy Recommendations will encourage the use of active and passive solar, groundwater-source geothermal, woody biomass and wind resources and a means for conserving non-renewable resources.

Land Use Recommendations will encourage higher density and cluster development to promote a more pedestrian friendly community for convenient walking, biking, and transit use.

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Recommendations will promote the manifestation of new activities and open spaces, including a river walk area that will invite residents and visitors to experience the Village in a new manner. New facilities should include a provision for restoring and enhancing the stream habitat for a community fisheries project that could substantially help our community to achieve sustainable business opportunities in the spring summer and fall.

Core Village Zone Planning and Design Recommendations will help create Village infrastructure that supports walking, balanced community life, and aesthetically beautiful places that instill civic pride, stewardship, and community prosperity.

Preservation Recommendations will minimize new construction in favor of adaptive reuse and retrofitting. Also, it will work to preserve and enhance the riparian habitat zone along the watersheds. Most importantly, it will support the preservation of the community’s important character, history, and culture.

Housing and Economic Development Recommendations will provide opportunities for residents, businesses, and employees to minimize potential displacement; while at the same time growing a more permanent year round community of residents.

Transportation Recommendations will promote alternatives such as public transportation and Village shuttle system while reducing driving, improving air quality, promoting health, and allowing residents to save money.

Cultural Resource Recommendations will promote the manifestation of comprehensive arts and entertainment opportunities; providing a sustainable cultural diversity and heritage for our Village.