Design and practice an escape plan with members of your household.  A home fire drill is a good idea.  So is talking with children about what to do in case of fire.

Ideally each room should have two exits.  Make sure windows are not bolted, nailed or painted shut.  If there is no way to escape from upper stories, buy an escape ladder and store it where it can easily be found.

Make sure you know in advance how you will evacuate small children, the elderly or the disabled.

Never go back inside a burning house.

If you’re trapped, a bathroom is probably the safest place to be, because it usually has the fewest items that can catch fire.

Stay low or crawl to avoid smoke inhalation, which is often more deadly than the fire itself.

If leaving an apartment building, use the stairs, never the elevator, to escape a fire.  Discuss fire safety with your neighbors and your landlord or condominium manager

VILLAGE EVACUATION PLAN: Evacuation Plan July 2012