The Village of Taos Ski Valley does hereby establish a policy for dumping trash and refuse at our local compactor and landfill. Beginning from the date of adoption of this policy, all residents and commercial businesses located in the Village shall be entitled to continue to use the compactor for trash and refuse generated in the Village. All trash disposed at the compactor location shall generally be small items in plastic trash bags and will not include large items such as mattresses, skis, appliances, tires and the like. A general rule of thumb is that the refuse must fit within a garbage bag. Violators choosing to dispose of large trash items at the compactor that do not meet the requirements of this policy will be ticketed accordingly.

All residents and businesses of the Village of Taos Ski Valley shall dispose of large trash items at the Taos Municipal Landfill. All landfill charges for disposal of large trash items generated from household, commercial and/or construction activities in the Village shall be the sole responsibility of each individual party. Landfill dumping fees for large items shall be billed directly to each resident or commercial entity.

The Village of Taos Ski Valley will be scheduling free large item drop off periods during the year to assist residents. Please call the Village offices at 575-776-8220 for more details.

Issued: July 11, 2005