Village Ordinances

Ordinances are numbered sequentially, with the first part of the number being the fiscal year during which the ordinance was either adopted or amended. Ordinances are grouped into categories below for easier researching. Press ‘View!’ below for more display options.
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Category Number   Description
  22-071 Adopting Regulations for the Use, Sale, Production, Manufacturing, and Cultivation of Cannabis
  18-063 Approve 4% Increase To Water, Sewer, And Trash Rates For Fiscal Yr 2018
  17-060 Adopting A Municipal Hold Harmless Gross Receipts Tax
  17-058 Approve 4% Increase To Water, Sewer, And Trash Rates
  16-056 Nmfa Loan
  16-055 To Approve A 3% Increase To Water/Sewer Rates As Per Fy 2016 Budget
  16-054 Authorizing Vtsv To Enter Into A Loan Agreement With Nm Enivrment Dept
  13-050 Authorizing The Execution & Delivery Of A First Amendment To A Water
  10-048 Authorizing The Execution & Delivery Of A Water Project Fund Loan/Grant
  08-046 Amended Ordinance No. 08-46 Adpoting A Minicipal Gross Receipts Tax
  05-041 Authorizing Vtsv, Nm To Enter Into A Loan Agreement With The Nm Envir.
  04-039 Capital Outlay Grt Election
  02-036 Landfill Loan
  01-034 Adopting A Municipal Infrastructure Gross Receipts Tax
  97-008 Amended Establishing The Compensation Of The Mayor, Members Of The
  97-004 Adpoting A Business Registration Fee
  17-062 Relating To The Use Of Deadly Weapon And All Firearms Within Village
  17-061 Allowing The Use Of Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles ( Council)
  09-047 An Ordinance Requiring The Use Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  08-045 Designation The Taos County Magistrate Court As The Court Having
  04-040 A Noise Ordinance To Secure The Public Health, Safety & General Welfare Of The
  97-026 Mandating Animal Control
  18-065 Rescinding Ordinance No. 2012-33 Personnel Ordinance
  15-053 Creating The Office Of Village Clerk
  15-052 Creating The Office Of Finance Director And Village Treasurer
  10-035 Amended An Ordinance Relating To Outdoor Entertainment; Village
  97-007 Adopting An Official Seal For The Village Of Taos Ski Valley
  20-010 Adopting Building and Construction Codes
  21-044 Adopting the 2015 International Urban Wildland Interface Code
  17-030 Amended Zoning Regulations Zoning Map For Vtsv
  16-057 Granting Nm Gas Co.Inc. Handling, Production, Use Streets, Paths.
  15-051 Adopting Regulations Requiring Underground Electrical Utility Service.
  10-025 Amended-An Ordinance Adopting Comprehensive Subdivision Regulations
  19-068 FY20 Water/Sewer/Trash Rates
  15-038 Amended Regulations For Water Use
  15-037 Amended Sewer Use Ordinance
  11-049 Providing For Proper Disposal Of Solid Waste & Fee For Disposal
  06-043 An Ordinance Requiring A Conditional Use Permit On Certain New Sewer
  03-037 Adopting Regulations For Septic Tanks & Sewer