RFP and Bid Documents

How do I bid on a Village of Taos Ski Valley RFP?

When VTSV issues an opportunity to bid on a contract for funding, often referred to as an RFP (Request For Proposal) or RFQ (Request for Quote), you must be able to quickly scan the technical proposal and cost proposal requirements to determine whether your business can deliver the requested services or goods.

You will need to contact VTSV to request a copy of the actual RFP or RFQ.

The goal of an RFP is to allow VTSV to compare apples to apples. VTSV will put together our needs and provide that document to a handful of different companies, in return, VTSV will get a series of bids that can be compared to each other with relative fairness to find the best fit.

The goal is to find the best possible company for the best price and services. Sometimes organizations might have different top priorities, but with most government agencies, budget is always a big consideration.

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