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March 1, 2024

Request for Proposals 2024-05: Electrician to underground individual services 

The Village of Taos Ski Valley (VTSV) is soliciting proposals for a price agreement from qualified professional Electrician service providers, to install Kit Carson Electric (KCEC) underground services throughout the Village. The underground electrical connection work is part of a program to educate and assist the dozens of property owners in the Village connect to underground service. 


  • Verify with KCEC the locations and owners of services that are within the Underground Service Areas.
  • Coordinate with KCEC and the Village for Task Orders to make connection from the main underground facility to the owner’s meter, including electric transformers, cable and other plant to make service available at the property.
  • Extend the underground service to the property and coordinate with the owner to make connection to the property meter.
  • Report to the Village along with monthly invoice the activities and progress to connect eligible owners to underground KCEC service.


The Village of Taos Ski Valley is located at an average altitude of 9,000 feet, with rural unpaved mountain roads. Other utilities are in the public ROW and will need to be 811 spotted before construction.  

The roadway depth for electric services is 4’ (see diagram) from the main service line to the property and installation in the ROW must be coordinated with the Public Works Department in time to notify the public of construction activity.

Roadways with underground plant include but are not limited to Zaps Rd, Upper Twinning Rd., Pheonix/Chipmunk/Coyote Rd., Emma, Gerson and pending NM150 south side. Approximately 30 residences need connection.

The VTSV is paying for underground structures in the public Right of Way, however arrangement with the private property owner must be made for construction on private property at the same time.

Your price Agreement may contain an option for On Call Electrician work. Option is not part of the project proposal scoring.

The selected contractor may also use the same Price Agreement with other members of the Enchanted Circle Council of Governments.

50% Provide a price agreement for each service needed in the Scope of Work:
25% Describe your experience working to underground electric services.
25% Provide an agreement document with the proposed services including response times criteria.
Yes – Provide contractor utility certification.
Yes – Include contribution reporting form.

The Village of Taos Ski Valley Request For Proposals
RFP 2024-05 Electrician to underground individual services
Due: March28, 2024 at 3pm (MST)
Proposals will be received by the Certified Purchasing Officer PO BOX 100, C/O 7 Firehouse Road Taos Ski Valley , NM 87525 or to email carroll@vtsv.org

Questions by email only to CPO Carroll Griesedieck by EOD March 25, 2024

February 11, 2024

The Village has issued a Request for Proposal for an Ultra Sonic Meter Software System Pilot Project

RFP Residential Meter Pilot and Main Project-DRAFT 4-updated w Ultrasonic Meter PDF>>

QUESTION: A proposed contractor asked in regard to the remote shut off valve if the line will have to be cut to install?

ANSWER: To install the remote shutoff the line may need to be cut for meter installation in the building.

QUESTION: Is there a controlled water shut off to avoid flooding and water cleanup if so?

ANSWER: For the times that an installation is scheduled, the Public Works permit process will require a VTSV employee to stand by and assist to shut off the In-Road cutoff valves.

QUESTION: Will the Village be conducting its own installation?
ANSWER: The Village expects the Contractor to install, but Village Staff will need to be instructed on how to conduct installation.  The Village does not plan to hire a separate contractor.