The Firewise Community Board provides advice to the Village Council on issues associated with wildfire prevention and preparedness.  The Board is responsible for: maintaining the Village Firewise USA Certification; providing wildfire-prevention and forest-treatment educational materials to Village residents and visitors; assisting Village property owners in obtaining information about securing grants and contractors for Firewise forest-management practices on their vacant property or around their home; and raising community wildfire-prevention awareness. The Board assists the Village Public Safety Department in developing and implementing a viable emergency evacuation plan, and works with Village staff to inform residents and visitors of any pertinent fire prevention or other safety measures. The Board discusses all wildfire safety related issues and brings recommendations before the Village Council.

The Public Safety Committee and Firewise Community Board meet monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month, from 10am to 12 noon. Meetings are live, either on ZOOM or in the Club Room of the Inn at Taos Valley

Please see our calendar for current dates, time & location.

The Committee consists of:
Kathy Bennett, Chair
Sheila Duffy
Jim Woodard
Neal King

Firewise Board Documents

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Read the Firewise: Agendas and Minutes