Ernie Blake Road Workshop presentations

Summary for Ernie Blake Road Workshop
Held on 20 August 2016

Design Workshop, a Landscape Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design firm, and Russell Planning and Engineering, presented background information which summarized the master plan for the Village core area, the approved plan for Ernie Blake road, roadway design specifications in general, alternative alignments for Ernie Blake Road, and alternative street/sidewalk configurations.  After the initial presentation, Design Workshop and Russell staff were available at workstations that had diagrams depicting the above mentioned items.

There was ample opportunity for public feedback.  During the presentation, there were opportunities to ask questions and request clarification of items being presented.  After the presentation was concluded there was an opportunity for people in attendance to meet with, and to pose questions to, Design Workshop and Russell employees on a one on one basis.  There was also an opportunity to give public input on comment cards that were made available to the people in attendance.

The last topic to be discussed was the “Next Steps”.  Russell will work to produce a higher level of engineer design, possibly a 95% design for Ernie Blake road.  Village staff will work with the required landowners to secure the land to construct Ernie Blake road.

There were approximately thirty people in attendance, including second home owners, condominium HOA board members, business owners and employees, residents, and Village council and staff.  The workshop was very informative and people came away from the meeting having a better understanding of the challenges in design and construction, reasoning and history for the Village deciding on Ernie Blake road as the best alternative.

Ernie Blake Workshop Presentation PDF>>

Right-of-way overview PDF>>

Ernie Blake Road sections PDF>>
Ernie Blake Road plans PDF>>


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