Needed: EMT Paid Recruits and EMT Housing Accommodations

The Village of Taos Ski Valley seeks Weekend Lodging for EMS Technicians from February 15 – March 31, 2019.


Two furnished bedrooms, one bath, and kitchen, with utilities. Available for rent for a 24 hour period from 5pm until 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday February 15-March 31, 2019. Include rates for spring break March 8-17, 2019. Must be located within the Village of Taos Ski Valley boundaries and be registered as Business with the Village. Please include Manager’s contact information, Business Registration, Lodger’s Registration

Send the dates of rental availability along with price to Village of Taos Ski Valley email: attention EMS:  IFB #2109-14 by noon 2/15/19.

The Village of Taos Ski Valley is seeking EMT Basic qualified individuals interested in working On Call for overnight shifts 6pm-6am  for the period of 2/7/19 to 3/31/19, mostly  weekends but also to cover Spring Break 3/8-17

$75/shift + $15/911 Called hour + Lodging



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