Police Chief Andy Bilardello
Officer  Sammy Trujillo

Office Telephone: 575-776-2815
Fax: 575-776-5748

NON EMERGENCY: 575-758-3361

Email: abilardello@vtsv.org

Message from the Chief

“The Village of Taos Ski Valley Department of Public Safety has a commitment to provide quality law enforcement, fire protection and EMS service to the Village of Taos Ski Valley’s citizens and visitors.  We have qualified, professionally trained full-time and volunteer personnel to meet the needs of our community.  We promote the philosophy and practice of community-oriented policing through selected crime prevention programs.  We focus on solving problems within our community and continue to diligently investigate and prosecute those who commit crimes against persons or property.

We are proactive in the area of fire protection, with constant training in the area of fire suppression.  We conduct fire prevention programs such as commercial fire inspections, public fire education, plans review of new construction , and inspections and acceptance testing of fire protection systems.

We are constantly training in the area of EMS in order to continually improve  the quality of emergency medical care provided to those in need of our services.
We will meet the challenges that changing times place on public safety, with dedication and commitment to doing the best job possible on behalf of our citizens and visitors.”