Taos Ski Valley Emergency Medical Services

Taos Ski Valley Emergency Medical Service (TSVEMS) is a volunteer organization that was formed July 1st, 2000. Before TSVEMS was formed, all emergencies outside the hours of the medical clinic had to wait approximately 40 minutes or more for the ambulance to arrive before any care was available. TSVEMS responders are available 24/7 by calling 911. Central Dispatch in Taos notifies us by radio that there is an emergency and an ambulance is automatically sent from Taos. We are a non-transport service, however we have a fully equipped vehicle used to respond to calls. The winning entry in the contest to name the vehicle was “Totemoff”.

Dr. Quigley Peterson, who runs the Mogul Medical Clinic here in Taos Ski Valley, is the Medical Director, and Kathy Bennett is the Training Coordinator. We have many active members who have gone through extensive training to be part of this system. We respond to everything from altitude sickness to a heart attack, and from a fall off a roof to an injured hiker.

Office Telephone: 575-776-2815
Fax: 575-776-5748

NON EMERGENCY: 575-758-3361

Email: vtsvdps@newmex.com

List of EMS Volunteers:

Kathy Bennett EMT-B/Wilderness EMT
Neal King EMT-B/Wilderness EMT
April Bender First Responder/Wilderness First Responder
Nick Bender First Responder/Wilderness First Responder
Lincoln Landis First Responder/Wilderness First Responder
Chris Stagg First Responder/Wilderness First Responder
Ramey Stevens First Responder
Sammy Trujillo First Responder
Carl Gilmore EMT-I
Eddy Wisdom EMT-I
David Wallace EMT-Paramedic