Village Government

The Administration Department of the Village of Taos Ski Valley, located at 7 Firehouse Road, houses the offices of the Village Administrator, Village Treasurer, Village Clerk, and the Community Development Director.

Mark Fratrick is the Village Administrator, with Vanessa Chisholm holding the positions of Treasurer/Clerk, and Don Schieber heading the Community Development Department.  Ray Keen serves as the Public Works Director, overseeing the water, wastewater, and roads departments, and Dave Wallace, as Public Safety Director, oversees Police, Fire and Ems.   These Departments directly support the Village of Taos Ski Valley’s Village Council.

Administrative Office

Telephone: 575-776-8220
Fax: 575-776-1145

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Telephone: 575-776-8846

Village Administrator Mark Fratrick
575-776-8220 ext 1#
Village Clerk/Treasurer Vanessa Chisholm
575-776-8220 ext. 2#
Public Works Director Raymond Keen
Community Development Director/ Planner Don Schieber
575-776-8220 ext. 5#
Plans Examiner/ Building Code Consultant Richard Willson
Office Staff Vanessa Chisholm,
Ann Marie Wooldridge,
and Renee Romero
Deputy Village Clerk/Utilities Billing Ann Marie Wooldridge
575-776-8220 ext. 3#
Administrative Assistant Renee Romero
575-776-8220 ext. 0#
Public Works Ray Keen, Joey Apodaca,
Lawrence Lujan, Olaf Mingo,
Jessie Miera, Daniel Fresquez
Operations Superintendent Joey Apodaca
Public Works Operators Olaf Mingo
  Lawrence Lujan
  Jessie Miera
  Daniel Fresquez
Parking Citation Information Renee Romero
575-776-8220 ext. 0#
Department of Public Safety Emergency911
Non Emergency (Central Dispatch) 575-758-2216
Office:  575-776-2815
Fax: 575-776-5748
Director of Public Safety Dave Wallace
Officer Sammy J. Trujillo
Officer Ramey Stevens

Mayor and Council

Council meetings take place the first Tuesday of every month unless otherwise noted, at 2:00 p.m. at the Edelweiss Lodge conference Room.

Mayor Neal King
  Kathy Bennett
  Chris Stagg 
  Barb Wiard
  Tom Wittman